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Jindo Books

All Books are in Korean unless indicated otherwise.

A translation is in the works for one of these books.

Yoon Hei Bon ea Jindotgae Eyagi

By Yoon Hei Bon

ISBN 978-89-90534-15-6

Yoon, Hei Bon's "Jindo Dog Story"

A softcover that introduces the Jindo from Yoon Hei Bon's point of view. 219 pages



Hankookea Gae
By Ha Jee Hong

ISBN 89-7180-134-4

Another petite soft cover book by Ha Jee Hong. Continues on with the Sapsaree and Jindo dogs with mention of the Poongsan and other extinct dogs.


by Woo Mu Jong

Korean National Dog Association

A picture-intensive book, perhaps even coffee-table like, with a bit of the captions translated into English. Many pictures could be found in previous books.


Wooree Jindokgae
By Yoon Hei Bon & Yim Yin Hak (photographer)

ISBN 89-7919-206-1

As usual, Mr. Yim Yin Hak manages to capture the essense of the Jindo breed in his wonderful photos. This book appears to be very comprehensive in its 353 pages.


Jin Dok Gae
By Yun Shin Keun

ISBN 89-7813-011-9

This book was the first Jindo book that my dad obtained for me while he was in Korea. It is an introductory book to Jindos with some general dog care included and has a nice set of pictures. There is an online English and Korean version of the book.


Jin Dok Gae
By Woo Mu Jong

Korean National Dog Association

This is a very comprehensive book about Jindos. It covers the history of Jindos, the differences between Jindos and other breeds, the ideal KNDA Jindo, and much more. Even if one doesn't read or speak
Korean, this is a very good book to own since it has a huge number of different Jindo photos, especially champions and Jindos of old.


Hankookea Jindogae
By Ym Byung Chul

This book first shares the results of some survey work and a wide spectrum of Jindos rather than a selective presentation. I think this is the book often regarded as the hunting Jindo book (memory fails me though). A good number of color and black/white pictures are in the book including some that were used on the Jindo County site. Pictures of past champions from the Island dog competitions are


Hankookea Toejonggae
By Ha Jee Hong & Yim Yin
Hak (photographer)

ISBN 89-369-0151-6

This petite soft cover book introduces the Sapsaree and Jindo dogs.
I really enjoy some of the pics...from a Jindo jumping off an agility A-frame with his master jogging at his side, a person walking his seven Jindos (only two on a leash), to a Jindo carrying a large basket by mouth (a very popular Jindo trick). 1993
Jin Dok Gae
By Woo Mu Jong
Korean National Dog Association
This is the first book written by Mr. Woo Mu Jong, President of the Korean National Dog Association and Considered most true to the original knowledge published in a 1960's book by a Kim Chung Ho
(unavailable now).



Encyclopedic Books

Currently, there is no book in English devoted solely to the Jindo. There are some encyclopedic books with a section on the Jindo, but their information is incomplete or inaccurate. Also, the dogs pictured are not of ideal Jindos.

The Canine Lexicon
by Andrew De Prisco and James B. Johnson
March 1, 1993 TFH Publications

The Jindo paragraph in this book has decent general information. Specific info about the Jindo's looks is limited though and the picture could be more representative. For instance, the book only mentions a short curled tail when Jindos can come with a straight tail. The book mentions only shades of yellow as Jindo colors. Still, this isn't a bad book considering the lack of readily available info and pictures in 1993.
  Gladiator Dogs
by Carl Semencic
April 1, 1998 TFH Publications
I would never, ever recommend that anybody purchase this book if they want accurate information on the Jindo breed. I seriously question whether the author used anything but 2nd and 3rd hand information as his source. He certainly didn't reference any of the Jindo organizations in Korea. I question whether his failure to raise a Jindo properly biased his perspective on the breed. I also question his comment that he doesn't condone dog-fighting.

The New Encyclopedia of The Dog
by Bruce Fogle
September 1, 2000 DK ADULT

This book had great potential to be a very educational book, but it fails disappointingly. Basic information, such as coat colors, is inaccurate. I wonder about other errors in his book. I am also disappointed that the author had felt it necessary to shock his readers with a dog-eating comment instead of elaborating on the Jindo breed itself.

If you want a book to just look at pictures of different breeds, this would be an okay book. However, if you want a book with accurate information that you could trust 100% or even 95%, this isn't it.

Northern Breeds
(Complete Pet Owner's Manual.)
by Margaret H. Bonham
August 1, 2001
Barron's Educational Series

This little book lists all the "northern" breeds and gives a very brief summary of each, including the Jindo.

Here's a review from someone who has read it:

"For the price, it's worth having if you want a book in english that mentions Jindos. It's not going to give you any in depth or particularly new information on the breed. The book also offers some basic care info and isn't bad overall. If someone wanted a northern breed but wasn't sure which to get, this would be a very good starting point. The one picture of a Jindo is typical of what we have seen previously in books (in other words, please don't base breed ID's on it)."

Japanese Breeds
by Michiko Chibi
September 1, 2003
Kodansha International (JPN)

A nice summary about the Japanese breeds with lots of pictures. Has one tiny black/white picture of a Jindo as a tagalong to the Tanabe research article.


Children's Books

ToRangOn Jindokgae Baekgu

By Song, Jae Chan

ISBN 8939514130 ??


ManHwa ToRangOn Jindokgae Baekgu 1

ISBN 8939516060

May 2003

ManHwa ToRangOn Jindokgae Baekgu 2

ISBN 8939516079

June 2003

AeKookGaReul BooReuNeun JinDokGae

ISBN 8943304641


Woori Jeep JindokGae Ssean

ISBN 895272352X



Odd Books

Jindokgae JunDoWang
By Pak Byeon Seon

ISBN 8904100674

I really don't know what this book is about. It was catagorized under religion? 2003






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